V Blocks

We are Dealer, Wholesaler, Trader, Retailer, Supplier of V Blocks, Non Magnetic V Blocks, Non Magnetic V Blocks with Clamps, Roller Bearing V Blocks from Pune, Maharashtra, India. Non-Magnetic 'V' Block is Basically Used for Clamping of Non-Magnetic Material. The 'V' Block has Two 'V' Angles of Different Sizes to Inspect The Jobs of Varying Dimension. Material Used For Manufacturing of This Product is Alloy Steel. It Prvides Accuracy Within 3 Micton. These Blocks Are Hardened And Ground Hardness 60 to 63 HRC. These 'V' Blocks Are Mainly Used in Tool Room And Standard Room
Size (In mm) L x W x H
25 x 20 x 25
40 x 40 x 50
80 x 63 x 63
100 x 80 x 80
50 x 50 x 50
63 x 50 x 50
63 x 100 x 100
70 x 140 x 140

Roller Bearing 'V' Block
Roller Bearing 'V' Block is Made by Alloy Steel. It Consists Precision Ball Bearing, Which Are Installed on 'V Portion. Precision Ball Bearings Are Replaceable. They Are Used For Inspection of Concentricity of Round Jobs. It is Useful in Tool Room, Machines Shop And Assembly Shop
Size (In mm) L x W x H
150 x 60 x 100 mm